Baconated Pork Chops

I love easy work-night dinners.  This one has the disadvantage of being messy, but to its advantage, one should have – other than perhaps the pork chops – everything at hand.  "Not having to go to the store" is big around this house, and can often lead to a little ingenuity.  

So here we are.  Fried pork chops in…..bacon grease.  If you don't already keep a jar around for the drippings from when you make bacon, you should.  It's fat-just like on my belly, it lasts forever.  In this case, I served it with a side of Parmesan Mac 'n' Cheese for good measure.

Bacon-fried pork chops with Parmesan macaroni and cheese


So ths recipe is simplicity itself – it just requires a lot of bacon grease.  2 cups, in fact.  We oven-fry our bacon so it's pretty clear, but saving pan-fried drippings works as well. Truth be told, Kat cooks bacon in the oven and I pan-fry, so we end up with a bit of a mix.

Anyway, get about 2 cups of bacon grease heating in a skillet.  Basically, you want 1/2 or so the thickness of your pork chops.  Costco has some awesome pork chops, so we need a little extra.

Once that's heated get your fingertips wet and sprinkle a little water on the grease.  It (the water, not the grease) should dance on the surface. That's how you know it's time – this method works for most pan-frying BTW.

So in go the chops, and top with a teaspoon or so each of Herbes de Provence, pepper and rosemary.  Cook for 4-5 minutes, flip, and repeat the seasoning on the other side.  After four minutes or so, flip again and fry for a minute or two to let the herbs cook in that side too.

And that's it, really.  If it's right, the chops should be slightly charred on the outside and the barest of pink in the middle.

And the shopping list (Well, not really if you follow my blog at all, because you'll already have everything):

Serves one per person (unless that person is really hungry)

  • Pork chops – one per
  • Bacon Grease
  • Rosemary
  • Herb de Provence
  • Pepper
  • A side (the one in the photo is Parmesan Mac 'n' Cheese.  It goes well)
  • Something green I guess.