Japanese Curry paste

Japanese Curry, or What to do with that box of S&B Golden Curry you just bought

This is kind of a departure for me, as I'm writing about a box of stuff that you buy at a store.  In my defense though, it's a box of curry paste that, although the integral ingredient is probably not…

Stir-fry with bacon , Ramen noodles, chicken, and vegetables

Bacon-Ramen Stir-Fry

There, I said it – and I did it.  I’ve been threatening the family with a Ramen stir-fry for a month, and for whatever reason, I decided that last night would be the time.  So, I broke out my trusty…

All kinds of crazy stir-fry

The Kitchen Sink – or – What Happens When You Don’t Go to Costco

Ever had one of those days when you regret not going to the supermarket before the weekend?  No ground beef, no chicken, nothing for protein.  Just a few semi-identifiable bits of something that's been sitting in the freezer too long….