Bowl of kik alicha

Kik Alicha (Ethiopian Split-pea Porridge)

Well, I call it ‘porridge’ anyway. It’s textured more like split pea soup, but it’s thick and served over rice. Flavor-wise, it’s rich and creamy but on the subtle side, so the peas and rice are free to do their…

Keema Matar Curry

Sharba (Libyan Soup)

More home cookin’, Libyan style. This soup is lamb, chickpeas, and orzo on a tomato base. The main seasoning is ‘bzaar’, whose flavor has some nice high aromas without smothering the ingredients, and is accented by fresh cilantro and mint….



This is NOT shahi paneer.  That requires cashews, and maybe some other stuff that a guy like me just wouldn’t have around the house on a Saturday night.  What it also isn’t, is a Food Network “I love your recipe…