Not Your Mom’s Hot Chocolate

Back in a more Civilized Time, long before the advent of Starbucks, there existed a thing known as a Chocolate House.  There were coffee houses back then – we’re talking the late 17th Century – but with the arrival of chocolate from the New World, it became fashionable to meet in a chocolate house and burn up their wi-fi conduct business meetings, or just relax.

But enough of that.  If you want a lovely overview of the history of chocolate, try here:  I know you’re here for a more serious purpose – to make hot chocolate so decadent the angel on your shoulder will give in to temptation.

First, you need a double-boiler.  There is no way around it, and you should have one, just for this and mousses (if you’re brave).

Next, you’re going to need some chocolate.  I recommend 7oz (two bars) of at least 80% dark semi-sweet, and 3-4oz of milk chocolate – I generally grab a couple of Lindt bars for the former, and I’ve had good luck with Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips for the latter.

Melt the chocolate in the double-boiler until it’s completely liquid, and homogenized.  Then, add some dairy – I generally use half-and-half, but I’ve been known to use heavy cream – until the desired consistency is reached.  Somewhere around the consistency of freshly mixed cake batter (or heavy motor oil).

Boom.  Done.  Serve small amounts in tiny cups – seriously, you’re going to be good with about three-four ounces.

If you want to go all crazy, make some whipped cream with a dash of vanilla (creme Chantilly) and put a dab on top.


Shopping List:

  • 7oz 80% (or better) dark chocolate
  • 4oz milk chocolate
  • half-and-half or heavy cream (whipping cream is also okay)
  • whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla (optional) for whipped cream